Paul Troyano

Hand crafted items from local Louisiana wood

Bowls Store

These bowls are one of a kind pieces made to order, so photos are representative. All contain local contrasting woods, like Red or Yellow Cedar, Cypress, Walnut, Pear, Heart Pine, Camphor, Mulberry, Tualang, Pecan, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry and Pine.

These bowls can be seen at Dutch Alley Artist Co-op , 1 block from Cafe Du Monde or 912 N. Peters St, New Orleans. Please email me pjt at for prices and info. Thank you.

Stratabowls for Sale

stratabowl9         StrataBowl11

Spumoni Bowls for Sale


Checkered Bowls for Sale (available as custom order)

Checkered Bowl 9           Checkered Bowl 10

Cosmati Bowls for Sale (limited quantities, custom order)

Cosmati inlay,one of the mosaic patterns created in the church floors
in 12th century Rome by the Cosma family of architects using Roman ruins.

CosmatiBowl       Cosmati4s

Over ten sizes available, you can email me for sizes and prices:

Sarawak Bowls for Sale (limited quantities available on order)

Inspired by Sarawak layer cake, 8 sizes possible when available.

Sarawak2     Sarawak Bowl10

Geometric Bowls

Streetcar Bowls

20230428_104523       20230428_104544


Thank you for your interest.